Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tzipi Livni in the EP

Acting Prime Minister of Israel and elected Leader of the Kadima party Tzipi Livni was visiting European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs. Few quotes from the meeting and few general notes that caught the ear of attentive listener.

"Peace negotiations with Palestine are bilateral and discreet. Until there is no final agreement, there is no agreement."

"Both sides do not want to have an imposed peace agreement."

"I decided not to enter the blame game. It is easy to use an excuse or for me to say we stop negotiating because terrorist attacks on Israel continue. Israel will not do that. But for Palestinians settlement development should also not be an excuse."

"Perhaps you can tell me the miracle solution. We do not have one. When the terrorist organisation from the Gaza strip attack us you can not solve it easily. There is no way of having a surgical operation that wont affect people living in the area. It is a war and in a war unfortunately civilians suffer."

"Israel keeps the humanitarian situation as it is needed. We can switch of electricity in a day, in a minute, but we do not do that."

"Government of Israel sticks to Annapolis commitments and does not build settlements and does not confiscate land from Palestinians."

"Current agreement with the EU is a small step in the right direction bringing Israel closer to the EU."

Over all Madame Livni left a very strong impression of an excellent speaker, shrewd politician and a person that does believe in what she says and is willing to make it work this time.

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