Sunday, 30 November 2008

Who started it and who will finnish

Mumbai, India and the World was shaken by the events that unfolded last week. It is horrendous to imagine that attack was specifically aimed at causing as much as possible human lives and capturing foreigners that are visiting Mumbai or living there. It happened so that delegation of the European Parliament was also there. The fact that I was able to put the face of MEPs and one of my colleagues being in the middle of this turmoil, makes me uneasy. But what about those that lived through it or have lost their loved ones.

Another terrorist group claimed responsibility. Indian officials however through accusations in the direction of Pakistan. Pakistan strongly denies.

Spark can start a fire, what can be started when two nuclear states rediscover their animosities, which their respective armies have never really buried too far.

A conspiracy theory would say that those that planed this attack have played on the "good old neighbourly" hatred in order to spark a broader conflict and destruction that could follow should the pieces lay well on the board.
Interesting interview with Pakistani President can be found in FT today, linke here.

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