Friday, 5 December 2008

Government of Lithuania

Further to the elections held on 12 and 26 October 2008, governing coalition was formed and headed by Homeland Union-Christian Democrats (TS/LKD) it includes Nation's Revival Party (TPP), Liberal Movement (LRLS), Liberal Centre Union (LiCS).
Yesterday, President Adamkus, has approved the 15th Government of the Republic of Lithuania:

Prime Minister - Andrius KUBILIUS (TS/LKD)

Leader of the TS/LKD (above in the picture)

Minister of Health - Algis ČAPLIKAS (LiCS)

Deputy Leader of LiCS, former head of the parliamentary group of LiCS (2004 - 2008)

Minister of Social Security and Labour - Rimantas Jonas DAGYS (TS/LKD)

Member of TS/LKD, former deputy leader of Lithuanian Social Democrats (1999 - 2001), leader of splinter party "Social democracy 2000" from 2002 onwards joined the Conservatives.

Minister of Defence - Rasa JUKNEVIČIENĖ (TS/LKD)

Member of TS/LKD presidium, former head of security and defence committee in the Parliament (2004 - 2008)

Minister of Education and Science - Gintaras STEPONAVIČIUS (LRLS)

Deputy Leader of the LRLS and Vice-President of the Lithuanian Parliament (2000 - 2008)

Minister of Environment - Gediminas KAZLAUSKAS (non partisan nominated by TPP)

CEO of big construction company that has contributed to the campaign of TPP, his wife was on the list of TPP, but not elected.

Minister of Economy - Danius KREIVYS (TS/LKD)

He is an economy analyst and consultant, and board council chairman for the "Baldenis” furniture company.

Minister of Transport - Eligiijus MASIULIS (LRLS)

Leader of the LRLS

Minister of Interior - Raimundas PALAITIS (LiCS)

Member of Parliament for LiCS (2004 - 2008) not elected this time.

Minister of Agriculture - Kazimieras STARKEVIČIUS (TS/LKD)

Member of Parliament for TS/LKD (2004 - 2008), strategist of TS/LKD policy for rural areas.

Minister of Finances - Gediminas ŠEMETA (TS/LKD)

Former Minister of Finance (1997 - 1999), Head of Statistics Department (2002 - 2008).

Minister of Justice - Remigijus ŠIMAŠIUS (LRLS)

Long standing member of LRLS, never in the leadership, President of the most influential think tank - Lithuanian Free Market Institute. Šimašius is a lawyer by education.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vygaudas UŠACKAS (non partisan nominated by TS/LKD)

Former ambassador of Lithuania to United Kingdom recently, United States before that. Ušackas was the chief negotiator of Lithuania's accession to the European Union. He is considered to be a very influential figure in the country, viewed by many to be the next President of the Republic.

Minister of Culture - Remigijus VILKAITIS (non partisan nominated by TPP)

Actor Remigijus Vilkaitis is a member of the Valinskas’-led National Resurrection Party and a candidate to become the minister for Culture. He is famous for the characters he created, especially the one based on Labor Union leader Viktor Uspaskich, for a popular satiric TV show Dviracio Sou. He is also the godfather of Uspaskich’s daughter and a close friend of Valinskas.


Upė said...

Sadly enough we've only got 1 woman in the government... We're kind of getting used to it:)

Rundudundu said...

Getting used to it, wont change a thing.

Unfortunately if my impressions are correct not only we have only 1 women in the government, we also have less women in the Parliament if you compare it with the outgoing mandate.