Wednesday, 10 December 2008

EULEX deployed

After months of delay and diplomatic wrangling largest European Security and Defence Policy operation - EULEX has initiated its deployment yesterday. For better or for worse it took a lot of time, effort and patience to get things moving, but they are moving and one can hope that this mission will offer greater access to justice to the people in Kosovo no matter their ethnic background.
Initially expected to deploy mid July, then end of November, EULEX managed to do it on 9 December 2008. What were the reactions on the ground. Not much. Belgrade, while got its way and ensured a UN umbrella for the mission as well as "status neutrality", whatever that means for the EU where majority of Member States have already recognised the new entity, did not celebrate it or welcome it, it was a news item framed in the perception that we got the best deal. Kosovans on the other hand, got much less enthusiastic since they were before. Population felt deceived by the move back on the commitments that Kosovo government made for the implementation of the Ahtisaari plan and the legislation that set up among others inter ethnic policy force.
But EULEX is vital and long a due. European police officers, custom officials and judiciary experts will allow this country to move closer to the establishment of proper and functioning borders, resolution of sensitive crimes related to the restitution of property rights, war crimes, North of Kosovo will move from long lasting lawlessness.
Therefore big welcome to EULEX and lets wait and see what the biggest ESDP mission will manage to achieve and build as a sustainable result for a very fragile reality in Kosovo.

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