Saturday, 27 December 2008

Feed the world or Jingle bells in Lithuania

Its Christmas time and most of you would be enjoying warmth of people at its best and memorable family reunions, for sure I do. Christmas indeed a magical time for those that can afford some magic.
In Lithuania Christmas Eve and Christmas are special. These festivities hold some clues to our identity, where we can express our nationhood and be on our own with things we believe in and we all share.
We share a few... Soup with poppy seeds, untranslatable little thingy made of daw that is called "kuciukai", 12 dishes that should not contain meat or fat of any sort, often a prayer and god's bread that is shared among family members. Beautiful moments to be cherrished and remembered and repeated every year.
On another more observatory note. I was having a meal in one Lithuanian chain restaurant, that boasts to have diamonds of Lithuanian cuisine on its menu. In the village type of atmosphere, Lithuanian music was playing loud. At some point beautiful Lithuanian voice was singing the following lyrics: "Jingle bells, Jingle bells it goes with the bell, Christmas time is so great magical indeed". Would seem absolutely harmless... Only trick is that this unnamed band was singing a parody of the famous Band Aid song "Do they know its Christmas time at all"....
There is no ignorance to the needs of those that are poor, but there is little that one can do against the selfdestructive and reinventing pop culture. I thought it was puzzling at least, but on the other hand, most of the people in the restaurant at the time, did not even know that instead of calling for bells to ring...rhyme should have called to feed the hungry...
Differences in tradition or lost in translation.

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