Tuesday, 12 August 2008


E-mail from a friend in Tbilisi:

10 August

Now about the general situation. Last 3 days entire country is under non-stop bombardment from the Russian airforce. I lost count to how many places they have attacked and how many they have destroyed... and seems this is not enough for them, as from this morning Russian warships have deployed near ports along the Georgian Black Sea coast, including Poti, where Georgian shipments are being blocked.
Cities and towns of: Poti, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Senaki, Marneuli, Kodori, are under bombardment despite the fact that ALL of them are 200-300km away from the conflict zone of South Ossetia!
Major Black Sea port of Poti (which is a commercial enterprise and nothing more!) was bombed twice during last 2 days!
City of Gori (which is near the conflict zone) is totally destroyed, hundreds of innocent people are dead and the number is increasing...
City of Tskinvali (the capital of South Ossetian region) does not exist any more!
And starting from yesterday, all Georgian villages around the region of Abkhazia are under non-stop bombardment from the air jets and HELLicopters.

I have no intention to discuss the causes and development of the two regional conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as I believe that mistakes were made from all sides but NONE of these two conflicts has anything to do with Russian Occupation which we are experiencing right now.

Please be aware that We are not fighting with Ossetian or Abkhaz people now. We are attacked by Regular Russian Army!!! Up to 300 tanks, dozens of air jets and thousands of ground troops are deployed in Georgia and massive reinforcement is on its way from wast Russian land!

Just a week ago I left Brussels and moved to Georgia... honestly, I do not regret a second. For someone from outside it may seem crazy and very dangerous to be in Georgia right now, but not for me; not for us living or planning to live here!
Every bloody second I see and hear horrible things happening around, I see so many young and innocent dead and I'm very worried... of course I'm worried but I'm happy that I am not just an observer sitting in a cozy corner.
It's hard to explain in words but there is this amazing feeling in the air here, a feeling of absolute unity around just cause, solidarity toeach other and strong belief that we can not be conquered anymore...no more!
Last days we also felt that we are all alone against this monstrous military machine that keeps on advancing but I see that things started to change. The only reason that we still exist on the map is obviously not because of Mr.Putin's soft heart and generous nature but because of international public opinion. Yes, we, Georgians can resist aggression but we can't stop Russia alone, but together with you, all of us - Can!

Today we are organising massive protest march at 20:00 in the city centre of Tbilisi and all our supporters will do the same in different parts of the World (mainly in front of Russian Embassies!). I am not expecting miracles but I do not want to give up. I do not know what future brings but I want to believe that I will still be able to host you in this small but free country.

Thank you all once again and Hugs from Tbilisi

11 August

I once again have to say - Thank you to you all my dear friends, for all your support and phone calls and everything. You can't imagine how much it means to me and I am so lucky and happy having people like you around, thanks a lot.
As I promised some update, here you go with some news by this time :
South Ossetia is COMPLETELY under Russian military control;
City of Gori was bombed again;
About 50 Russian air jets are controlling the sky of entire country;
Georgian president already signed the document about ceasefire which will be taken by the French Foreign Minister to Moscow today, but it is already known that Mr.Putin is not willing to sing it;
Russia do not hide its intention to annex two large regions of Georgia and change the current government with the pro-Russian one;
Up to 10 000 new ground troops have been deployed in western Georgia from the Black Sea and the major city of ZUGDIDI is under russian military control now;
Tomorrow French president Sarkozy is expected to arrive to Tbilisi...I'm glad and hope that it is not too late :(

Many of you were asking me how you could help us in this situation and I would like to tell you how:
Please, spread the news about the situation in Georgia among your contacts, through your networks;
Please, tell the world that Russia does not protect Ossetian or Abkhaz people but step by step it occupies Georgia!
Please, express your opinion about the aggression and help us to increase international pressure on Russian government to stop military aggression;
Please, inform as many people and organisations as possible about the situation here.

Russia tries to win the information war too, blocking all news but their own and feeding their own people with unbelievable lies in order to motivate soldiers to fight on the foreign land and to prevent anti-governmental public opinion. Almost every Georgian website which demonstrated photo and video materials, evidences of Russian atrocity from the conflict zone has been hacked and destroyed. Without your help we can not tell the truth to others and most importantly to Russian people. Help us to deliver the message please!

12 August

More updates and info my dear friends:
- Yesterday Russian military forces TOGETHER with Abkhazian rebels occupied more towns and villages in the West of Georgia;
- City of Gori was bombed several times today (the buildings of Central market, University and the Central Post Office are burnt)
- Few hours ago Russian airplanes attacked the building of hospital near Gori, which caused the death of doctors and a little child there;
- Also few hours ago Russian bombers hit several journalist groups from Reuters, Journalists from Greece and the Nederlands, as a result Dutch camera man was killed and the georgian driver of the Greek group is seriously wounded;
- Some time ago Mr.Medvedev said that military operation is stopped HOWEVER Russian ground forces are simply on stand-by mode and are controlling almost 1/3 of the country!!! At this moment only ground forces count up to 60000 Russian soldiers; Port of Poti is surrounded by Russian navy and hundreds and hundreds of heavy millitarty unitrs, tanks, and other bloody machines are deplyed all over the country!!!
- Russian foregn Minister Mr.Lavrov said that they have prevented the genocide of South ossetian people and all actions were meant for Peace and Stabilization in the region... what can I say?...
- In few hours we are orginising huge march of protest with the hope that European governments will take firm and adequate stand towards Russian occupation.
- Presidents of Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and France are expected to be here in Tbilisi every hour to join the protest march!
- Now, finally, the phone lines and mobile connection is very busy these days due to obvious reasons therefore No surprise that those of you who tried to call me since this crisis, have experienced difficulties.

It is obvious that Russia, even after the cease fire, plans to remain and later on annex both breakaway regions of Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) as it was the main purpose of this aggression!
Moreover, Russia tries to block ALL information outgoing from Georgia and presents the situation to its public as it suits Mr.Putin's government. Again, no surprise that Russian public so far expressed very little dissatisfaction with the brutality of their Army.

I am once again grateful to all your support and I once again kindly ask you - Help us in spreading the message:



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kiscsillag said...

Thank you R. for posting it and thank you D. for sending it to R.

We all are with you in Georgia. In Estonia ongoing protests again Russian aggression are taking place. I was on the one yesterday in Tartu. I dont know if it brings anything, but it will show that we are with you in Georgia. This madness has to stop and we will do everything possible to make this happen.