Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Another email from a dear friend...

13 August

Now regarding the situation from yesterday till today - SADLY, but the SITUATION IS TERRIBLE HERE AND NOBODY YET KNOWS (see below!). DEAR FRIENDS IN REALITY THERE IS NO CEASE FIRE in GEORGIA!!!
- Sarkozy's cease fire agreement was singed yesterday by the Georgian and Russian sides and 5 Presidents from Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania were expressing their support to the Georgian state in Tbilisi yesterday;
- In parallel to above mentioned, Russian Army NOT only did no stop its aggression but advanced even further deep into the central Georgia and completely OCCUPIED the city of Gori and up to 15 of Georgian villages around South Ossetian region!!!
- ALSO, most probably the dirtiest and the worst part of the Russian plan so far - Several thousands of ARMED mercenaries from the Southern Regions of Russia (Cossacks!!!) and Ossetians entered the city of GORI and up to 15 Georgian villages and carried out mass killing, rape and destruction of the Georgian population. This massacre started around 2a.m and continued until this morning!!! RUSSIAN REGULAR ARMY BLOCKED THE ENTRANCES TO THE CITY AND THE VILLAGES AND DID NOT LET GEORGIAN POPULATION ESCAPE!!!
- Several journalist groups who filmed everything on the camera this morning, were arrested and all their belonging is confiscated! Turkish journalist by miracle escaped the death but their cameras, cars and other equipment was taken away by the Rebels groups.

Those of you who feared that the International involvement won't go any further than Politically correct statement were RIGHT!!! THERE IS NO CEASE FIRE in REALITY and IT SEEMS THAT RUSSIA IS NOT EVEN THINKING TO STOP MASS KILLINGS!

Now, about my feelings - I am angry and I feel helpless but still can not imagine to give up!
Do I blame my own 'dear' government? - Yes, I do, because they do not seem to be very wise or careful.
Do I blame Georgian president or the government in what Russians are doing to my homeland - NO, because ONCE AGAIN, I have to say that this IS NOT A WAR FOR South Ossetia or Abkhazia, WE EXPERIENCE RUSSIAN OCCUPATION! As simple as that!!!
Finally, I feel devastated horrified that so many Innocent people are dead, that so many young solders from all sides were forced to execute stupidity of their commanders, BUT please do not believe that this war WAS or IS initiated by Georgians or Ossetian people. This is not true! Our disaster ( in the Caucasus in general ) has one name (in many forms throughout last 300 years) - Russian Empire, Soviet Republic of Russia, Russian Federation! This is the real cause and nothing else and all other nations who managed to escape this evil know what I am talking about!
And what makes me feel really sick is the "Real-Politik" of the "civilized nations"...Hypocrisy which is so hard to accept that it simply hardens your feelings and senses,..

p.s. right now, literally some minutes ago, RUSSIANS attacked 3 ships in the port of Poti and they are destroyed. Can someone tell me WHY?

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