Friday, 11 July 2008

Calm as Belgian

Lithuanian language might not be too well know for internationally acknowledged proverbs, but one fits perfectly into the list of nota bene international folklore!
"Calm as Belgian"
My Belgian friends, there is nothing negative in it, just the way "stupid" foreigners that happen to "occupy" your country perceive you from the distance.
The reason I decided to share with you this piece of wisdom is related to incredible "special" way post services or delivery systems operate in this lovely country.

I have been expecting a package sent from US. It apparently has reached Belgium and gentlemen from Taxipost has kindly tried to deliver it at working hours yesterday. Surely during the working hours, ordinary citizens are at work, so experienced courier left a note, informing me that the package has arrived and that I need to call in to arrange for another appointment for delivery. I was grateful for this small note and immediately called to arrange for another delivery time, but here comes the funny part.
a) phone service, no one speaks English (which I do not think is the case in Lithuania, but my country does not happen to be the headquarters for most international organisations in Europe)
b) they could deliver it only on Wednesday (at the time of phone call it was Friday)
c) they can only deliver it to the address initially identified on the package
d) they can not provide precise time of delivery (so 9 to 12 should do for you...)

Of course kind gentlemen at the end of the line informed me that I can always go and pick it up myself at their station in Anderlecht, which I will have to do, but what sort of service is that, I still can not comprehend.

For the sake of fairness, I need to tell you that the same applies for DHL. I guess one simply needs to learn from Belgians and be calm about these things. Just breath in and breath out!

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