Thursday, 3 May 2007

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Michael said...

Here are some interesting facts about Estonia:

Most wanted Nazi war criminals
10b. Harry Mannil
Arrested Jews and Communists who were then executed by Nazis and Estonian collaborators
Status: Cleared by investigation in Estonia

10a. Algimantas Dailide
Arrested Jews who were then murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian collaborators
Status: Deported from US; convicted by Lithuania, which has hereto refused to implement his sentence of imprisonment

Not a single Estonian citizen who participated in the persecution and/or murder of Jews during WWII has been brought to trial by the Estonians, despite the existence of abundant incriminatory evidence in at least two cases submitted in recent years.

A monument to an Estonian “Freedom Fighter” had been unveiled in a small town Lihula in Western Estonia. It showed a soldier in a German uniform with a Waffen-SS (combat SS) unit emblem, wearing a steel helmet and holding a machine gun.

So, what one should think about all this?

1. Thousands of estonians were voluntarily serving in Hitler’s Waffen-SS troops where they exterminated Jews, Gipsies, Russians, Belarusans, Ukrainians, and other “untermenschen” in death camps.

2. No one Estonian was brought to trial for war crimes after Estonia had become independent. Moreover, Estonia protects even most wanted Nazi criminals identified by Holocaust organizations.

3. Estonia officially glorifies its Waffen-SS “freedom fighters” by setting up monuments to them. Meanwhile, Estonia destroys memorials to Soviet soldiers, who won Hitler's fascism.

4. Currently Estonia practice massive ethnic discrimination of the same Russians, Belarusans, Ukrainians and other “untermenschen”.

You don’t have to be a detective to make a judgement: Estonia is a typical Nazi state that is proud of taking a part in the Hitler's fascist project and Holocaust during WW2 and doing its best to implement the most "interesting" Nazi policies today. And if there was not just one million Estonian population, but 100 million of them with enough weapon, you can bet there would be another Holocaust in Europe already.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Holocaust is a cruel and unforgivable fact of European and world history. Both Lithuania and Estonia in various official statements have expressed their dismay by the fact that citizens of those countries were involved in these unhumane acts.

The facts that are outlined in your comment about Algimantas Dailide are correct, neverthless, court has found him guilty. I share your disapointment for the fact that Dailide was not requested to do his 5 years sentence, however I still hope that appeal submitted by the prosecutors office can reach a successful conclusion.

My strong disagreement with your comment is on the approach that you take, while promoting a collective guilt. I strongly disagree with you on the fact that Estonia protects Nazi criminals, Estonia officaily glorifies those that participated in resistance against Soviet occupation and not Waffen - SS soldiers, massive ethnic discrimination is based in your imagination rather than in real facts.

The real fact is that Russian Federation is abusing its state controlled media, by spreding propaganda (ORT, RTR etc.). Riots in Tallinn where organised by drunken hooligans and not Russian - speaking civil society representatives (see pictures and videos from the news agencies). Bronze soldier was not destroyed, but instead moved to a cemetry where it will receive well deserved peace.

Interview with President Adamkus:

Official newsletter of the Estonian MFA