Thursday, 22 May 2008


Yesterday, May 21st 2008, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe launched " " as part of the campaign to encourage everyone to take action to reduce their environmental impact.
The Changers campaign is multi-channel, including an interactive website "", a European on-line bannering campaign and a wide range of offline posters and promotional material to highlight the simple yet effective actions every citizen can take to reduce their energy consumption and thus contribute to reducing global warming.The story behind the website is a virtual reflection of the real world. In this virtual world there are people who are already aware of the risks of climate change and are adapting their behaviour to combat climate change and others who harm the environment and eco-systems around them through their unconscious actions. By engaging in games and community activities to restore and maintain healthy eco-systems, the ‘Changers’ counter the damage caused by the behaviour of others and actively encourage them to take action by joining the Changers themselves.

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