Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years resolutions

It appears to be that I am a person of New Years resolutions. It is somehow easier for me to make a promise on certain occassion and then keep it for an entire year. Last year, I stopped smoking with the first year of 2007 and since then not a single cigarette has entered my mouth for fun or pleasure.
This year it will be much more complicated. I made a promise which is quite difficul to keep, but as one friend said it is about trying to give yourself a present.

Talking about presents, this year we did not have much luck. After arriving in Lithuania I fell sick and right after Neringa followed me. For this reason both Christmas and run up to New Year we spent on medication and in bed. Not that nice considering that we do not have too much hollidays a year, but on the other hand, I dont remember when I have spent so much time in bed.

My hopes are tall for this year! I wish to be part of all those dreams coming true!

Happy New Year!

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