Monday, 28 January 2008

Finding beautiful ideas

When does inspiration strike you?
Late at night? Early in the morning? Some time between your first cup of coffee and lunch?
Is there one particular way of how to build ideas or most importantly how to make them come true?

I was watching BBC and I was facinated by the project few determined young lads decided to pursue. Have a look.


Tribewanted is a unique community tourism project that is simultaneously based on Vorovoro Island, Fiji and online.

Starting in September 2006 and running for 3 years, Tribewanted is living alongside the small indigenous Mali community on Vorovoro to build a simple, sustainable village. Visiting tribe members participate in island life during their one to twelve week stay. At the end of the project it will be the Fijian chief and landowner, Tui Mali’s, decision as to the future of Vorovoro.

Starting in April 2006, over 1300 members from 35 countries have now joined Members have debated and voted on how the on-line and on-island communities should be structured. Each month a tribe member is elected to be the online tribe’s chief on Vorovoro. The chief works alongside the team on Vorovoro to make sure the project progresses.

I will keep on recording them as the year goes by. I think its worth it.


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