Sunday, 7 October 2007

Vilnius in autumn

I love my town. Vilnius is so beautiful in different seasons. Perfect stroll along Vilnia river in the Sereikiskiu park in the sunny day in autumn. Mosaic of colours playing in the wind. Smiling faces of friends helping you remember that you are home.

Apart from enjoying the wonderful moments in my city I did some work and attended a establishing conference of the new European youth political movement - Young Democrats for Europe. This structure will be a youth wing of European Democratic Party. Organisation while not yet includes numerous organisations, it currently gathers French, Italian, Lithuanian, Cypriot, Czech and San Marino organisations. is their new internet site. Organisation has adopted their statutes, elected their leadership and after all put themselves on the path of developing youth civil society structure in Europe.

On the other side of town, emotions were running wild and democracy has shown its face, however it was rather a grimace, but one does not get to choose... Assembly voted the new President of LiJOT, voted two candidates and after vote count it became apparent that result was equal. One could think of voting again, but number of delegates have left and one political youth organisation protested all happenings of the Assembly due to the fact that vote was given to the organisation that has not paid their membership fee. They have protested all decisions of the assembly and requested to call for new extraordinary General Assembly in one month. Eventually after long and painful debate this became the case. LIJOT will have its president, but rather later and I am convinced that the whole process will still be painful, but without doubt I can say it will be democratic.

After all those important meetings, evening was great, I saw Miros and Asta, we spent lots of time together and shared quite some wonderful moments.

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kiscsillag said...

home sweet home.. i know this smell and feeling.. autumn..