Friday, 19 October 2007

stumbling over ones consciousness

Who like ignorance and hypocricy? Not me, not you. Though, no one is surprised that it exists and it can hurt people.
One can not LIKE being in charge of the others, it is a responsibility and if you manage it well, you are able to sleep at night and seem to be a decent person, while if you do not manage it well and you are still in charge, this can be highly frustrating for all. Problem is that sometimes leader can believe that all is well, while followers are of the opposite opinion. How do you check, where do you stand? Is it measaruble by the smiles you receive, or responsivness of your staff to the invitations you offer them for lunch, coffee or missions?

I bid for consciousness. I am sure there is not many that would do that. But this is one unique thing that everyone has, no matter if it does not look like it.

It would not be such a bad idea to have an international day of bad consciousness, a day to reflect on what type of person you are and whether you are ready to admit and learn from your mistakes.

We might not succeed, but it is worth trying...

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kiscsillag said...

ive read this entry now for couple of times. and thought about it. and i think the international day would be a very good idea.

made me think. thanks.