Friday, 27 July 2007

sharing intelligence

I think, I can call myself some sort of an expert on air travel and general arrangement of itineraries... I know that number of those that tend to read my blog, would have even greater expertise... I thought why don't we share a little piece of intelligence on vacation arrangement with each other... How about few questions that you would need to give an answer to?

- Best website for the selection of itinerary?

- Best website for cheap hotels/car renal/flight? (quite good for hotels) (only for car rental)

- Best airline (service, reliability, timing, price structure, alliance)?


- Charter companies to use from Belgium?

- Best guide book?

Wallpaper guide books

- Cheapest airline to fly from Europe to the East?

Qatar, Emirates, Aeroflot

- Cheapest airline to fly from Europen to the West?

American, United, KLM

- Best airport in Europe?


- Worst airport in Europe?

VNO, WAW (older terminal), PRG

- Best airline to fly to Lithuania?

Air Baltic

I could continue, but let me know what are your preferences?

1 comment:

kiscsillag said...

I agree on many, some I just dont know. Did my own as well, overlaps partly with yours, partly not.

Anyway very useful.