Friday, 22 August 2008

Russian troops out of Georgia - NOW!

Another letter from a friend in Tbilisi.

21 August

Dear friends
few more infos to keep you updated:

- These days the websites which are created to present the opinion about the conflict, as it is seen from Georgia (not just from the government) are under non-stop "cyber attack". We basicaly can not keep any new webpage alive for more then a day or two.
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Moreover, we struggle to present our opinion and comments in the webspace in general and in particular inside the large social networks such as "Youtube", "Myspace" etc. Two days ago I personally tried to comment videos from the conflict zone and my comment was "lost" in few minutes among 20 immediate new comments which were (obviously!) stating totaly opposite to what I wrote, accusing and insulting. What is interesting is that many of those who "comment" present themselves as Americans and Europeans... The efforts of these online "watchers" who try to neutralize our opinion are not just well planned and coordinated but they also hugely outnumber our voices.

- For those of you who were asking me previously about more specific facts and the visual part of the current zone occupied by the Russians, I am forwarding you this link below:

Finlay - the Russian Army is still in Georgia. Neither they go home and nor they seem to get prepared for any move. According to the agreement that was signed by the russian president they should not be here by now, but they are. The mere presence of armed people on the tanks especialy if they were shooting at you earler, is a scene I wish nobody to eperience but additionaly to this it is a second time that the Russian airforce deliberatly set fire to the national park in the south of Georgia, near Borjomi... As a result the region of Georgia, which is situated hunders of kilometers away from all conflict zones, which is just a well known Spa area and nothing else (apart from being a possible area for the winter Olympics ) protected internationaly due to its unique climate, is now severely damaged by the fire... Thanks to thermo bombs used by the russian helicopters :(

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I do not want to say that the worst is still to come... but with the encouragement from the russian government, the two breakaway regions of Abkhazia and south Ossetia now applied to Russia, requesting the recognition of their independence from Georgia. It seems that the russian army has got new but very concrete aims in Georgia now.

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