Thursday, 29 November 2007

what role for the future

Yesterday in the course of a pleasant dinner in a lovely company a conversation took off that lead us in various directions, but one of the few interesting points that we touched upon is the global politics and what future Europeans can see for US.

Mixed opinions emerged:

- some said that US is going to implode and disintegrate and this is visible due to the trends in foreign policy as well as appaling inequality in the country
- some suggested that a could shake up would do US only good. US should and could be a bit more modest, a bit more domestic policy oriented and willing, reliable partner in multilateral institutions

To my mind these are very valid observations and they might suggest a possible scenario for the future, but I am quite concerned whether world can afford to have weak US. I do think that the fact that US is a global power (the only one, unfortunately) allows it to act as a deterrent in some foreign policy situations. If someone can put its weight behind peace it is the US that can actually pressure for it. Sure, Iraq has been a huge mistake of current administration that America will suffer from for quite a while in the future, but on the other hand there were moments were fist on the table by the US was more effective than disperssed message of the UN or unclear voices from the EU.

My hope for the future and the role of US is a strong US, committed an reliable to multilateral institutions, determined follower of its own preachings for liberty and democracy and brotherly partner to the European Union.

Chinese proverb says: May you live at interesting times.

I am sure we will and its clear we do.

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