Monday, 2 July 2007

Are we there yet?

Donkey was on the way with Fiona and Shrek to the kingdom of Far Far Away and he was constantly asking:
"Are we there yet?"
So am I constantly asking myself is Brussels the place I can call home?

Yesterday something strage have happened. The painting that was decorating our living room for no reason since April, finally found its place on the wall where it was designed to be. This made me think of life in Brussels for the last one year and a half. Strange as it might be this is one of the last touches in completing our appartment's "homy wibe"... I still need to admit that calling Brussels home is not natural. I guess it is not only about time you spend in this town. Great obstacle to feel more at home is friends and family, then of course language and then those little things that you grow accustomed and what makes place - HOME.
No matter how Brussels feels on me, I feel secure and happy in this town. Probably most of all because home where my heart is and it beats here...
Apart from being anything but sentimental there is one part to this that is kind of funny...
Since one and a half year we do not have the proper lamp in the living room and I have the feeling that this lamp will appear only at time when we will decide that Brussels is a permanent station in our lives and not just a transit destination... so here I am, carrying my house inside and in memories of places and faces...

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