Monday, 19 March 2007

Are Lithuanians paranoid?

It is quite funny, but whenever Lithuanians criticize situation in Russia or oppose certain positions that might be favourable to Russia, our EU friends tend to call us paranoid and over-reactive... Well, are we?


On number of occassions our "big neighboor" have shown that there are ways of indirect influence of national politics in the countries that are considered and actually used in the language as "close abroad". Close abroad saw growth of marginal political forces that have financial links to Russia. Close abroad has experienced a cold war rethorics when an independent EU state makes decisions that defends its position, while in opposition to the great neighbor. Estonian monument created so many frustrations and why? Because it is a great opportunity to promote black PR and strengthen political stance of those that oppose such an idea...right before the election at that time... Latvian border agreement is like a bait that Russia keeps until they really want to approve it...imagine the border has not yet been ratified by State Duma... Lithuanian prominent Labour party, whose millionaire leader is hiding in Moscow from alleged corrupt finances of his party that won last parliamentary elections...

We could only take a look at the situation with municipal elections in Russia... controlled democracy scholars will have another interesting model to analyse... Putin established a controlled opposition, creating groups of those that can bark while caravan continues to move on... Yabloko was banned from St. Petersburg, where they had their biggest support... what is the reaction of EU... Well, again paranoid Baltics and Poland complains, but is there anyone to react...?


Last week Putin paid a visit to Southern European countries and signed an agreement on Burgas- Alexandroupolis trans-Balkan oil pipeline. Although the pipeline is managed by Greece, Bulgaria and Russia, energy giants Gazprom, Rosneft and Transneft have 51% of the project's shares. The danger lies in the fact that Russian companies are beginning to control the energy infrastructure of some European states. Brussels does not seem to contradict Russia's plans to acquire a stake in energy production in Europe, which is very convenient for Russia. Again are we paranoid...?

Not to mention this tiny little pipeline that good friend Gerhard and Vladymir decidede to set up on the bottom of the Baltic Sea...

Well, in all fairness, EU is moving in the right direction with an attempt to create common Energy policy and limit external influence over the energy control...but again EU is not consistent...

So are we really paranoid afterall?

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