Wednesday, 7 March 2007


So what are they talking about?

1. They talk about Constitution that is ratified by 18, liked by 4 and disliked by 5 :)
2. They say that Constitution should be revised while bringing additions rather than cuts
3. They think that climate change, euro, Copenhagen criteria, fight against terrorism, greater social dimension could enhance the current text of the treaty to make it more attractive

4. They believe that IGC should renegotiate the text, provided that there is a very precise mandate for what can be added and which parts could be opened up for negotiation
5. They hope that renegotiated text can then be put for a Europe wide consultative referendum, while not asking YES or NO, but asking specific questions related to the text (i.e. Do you want European Defence? Do you want EU to have a united energy policy? etc.)
6. They expect this process to be completed this year and Constitution to be up and running before the elections in 2009

Will they succeed? Are they right?

They have a stance, but can all agree to that...

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