Monday, 5 February 2007


Just started to read "Idiot" by Dostoevskij, at first I was slightly sceptical as it described a realities of early 19th century of Russia, which is rather boring, and beginning of the book was messy, not to mention that unfortunately, I did not manage to find an original version, so I am reading a Lithuanian translation and it is not that good... but I have to say, that after page 40 it started to change...then, I found myself today, still thinking about what I read yesterday as well as on the second thought, this book seems to be giving some excellent role models of people and characters are interestingly made... Duke Myshkin is an ideal that we all want to be, but when we face it we laugh at it and call it strange, unreal, from the moon, just IDIOT.

I think this evening will bring me even further with this book.

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